Mechatronics,clean technologies & green transition

IoT systems;
– Autonomous energy systems;
– mechanical engineering and assembly of parts, components and systems with a focus on clean transport and energy;
– robotics and process automation, including 3D modeling of robotic automated systems;
– waste-free technologies and methods for incorporating waste products and material from production into other projects;
– technologies with a focus on transport and energy (storage, saving and efficient distribution of energy), eco-mobility, hydrogen-based models and technologies


-3D modeling and printing in vet and medicine;
– production of bio food and beverages (incl. baby and children’s food, “space” food);
– production of next generation instruments and equipment for medical and dental diagnostics and therapy and participation in a supranational production chains;
– bio-technologies for direct application for healthy lifestyle
-methods for clean production, storage, processing of specific Bulgarian products e.g. yogurt, honey and bee products, bread, wine, meat products, essential oils, beer, herbal products and cosmetics;
– intelligent agriculture technologies;
– testing and certifying of products and services;
– medicine nano-technologies development;