The mission of EDIH Zagore is to promote and support digitalization and innovation in the South-Eastern region of Bulgaria. We, at EDIH Zagore, believe that through digital and green solutions we can transform and modernize both the public and private sectors. Our mission includes the following aspects:
Support for decarbonization: We, at EDIH Zagore, believe that the transition to green technologies and sustainable practices is essential for the future of the region. EDIH Zagore will support and promote projects and initiatives that reduce the negative ecological footprint and support decarbonization.
Focus on innovation: We, at EDIH Zagore, believe that innovation is the key to development and competitiveness. EDIH Zagore will support entrepreneurs, researchers and start-up companies in the region, providing them with the necessary resources and platforms for the development of new ideas, technologies and products.

Regional cooperation: We, at EDIH Zagore, are aware that cooperation with other regions and countries is essential for the successful achievement of our goals. EDIH Zagore will promote partnerships and knowledge exchange in order to strengthen the regional and international innovation network.

Support of leading priorities: We, at EDIH Zagore, have identified two leading priorities for the region – Mechatronics and Clean Technologies (MCT) and Life and Health Science (LHS). Our mission includes fostering innovation and development in these areas, thereby supporting the diversity and specialization of the region’s economy.
The European Digital Innovation Hub Zagore aims to be the center of innovation and digital technologies in the South-East region of Bulgaria, working in partnership with interested organizations and businesses to achieve a more sustainable and prosperous future for the region and its citizens.