( Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency) is public body which has 25 years experience in projects and initiatives implementation in different aspects of the sustainable regional development.

Municipality Stara Zagora

The Municipality of Stara Zagora is a local government administrative region located in the heart of Bulgaria. With a rich history dating back to ancient times, Stara Zagora is one of the country’s oldest and most culturally significant cities

Trakia University

(TrU) is unique in Bulgaria with its multidisciplinary profile, bringing together under one roof the facilities of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Technique, Technologies and Economics.

Center for Testing and European Certification

CTEC is a recognized company on the Bulgarian market in the field of laboratory testing and certification of technical products, management systems certification,
technical inspection, control, energy efficiency audits and trainings.


company compelling next-generation IT solutions to help its customers to transform digitally and seize new opportunities, focusing the area of system intergration, connectivity, information security, cloud and data enables.


specializes in the manufacture of industrial fans, metal products, containers, metal pallets for the automotive industry, legs and metal components for office furniture, metal safes and weapon cases, metal waste bins and wide range of tailored solutions. 

Health and Life Science Cluster

is a non-profit organization that unites businesses and organizations with Key Activities focused on the practical application of life sciences & health.

Institute for Sustainable Economic Development

 aims for sustainable economic development and improvement of the business environment and investment climate in the Republic of Bulgaria.


is “the Voice of the Bulgarian Business” that produces three quarters of the GDP of the country, provides jobs, unites companies throught collective and individual memebership


Neochim PLC is the successor of the Chemical Plant in the town of Dimitrovgrad in Bulgaria which started its production activities on 5th of November 1951. In the beginning nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers were produced. Later on, expansions, reconstructions and modernizations of the production facilities were carried out.

Municipality Nova Zagora

Nova Zagora Municipality  is a municipality in the Sliven Province of Bulgaria. Nova Zagora Municipality. 

Municipality Yambol

Yambol is a town in Southeastern Bulgaria and administrative centre of Yambol Province. It lies on both banks of the Tundzha river in the historical region of Thrace. Yambol is the administrative center of two municipalities

Maritsa East 2

“TPP Maritsa East 2” EAD is the largest innovated thermal power plant in Bulgaria. It is one of the four power plants in the complex “Maritsa East”, which is located in the south-east part of the country. It operates with local lignite coal, extracted in the mines of “Mini Maritsa East” EAD.

Employer’s Club

Main purpose of the organisation is to collaborate for improvement of living conditions and to lend helping hand to economic and social development of Stara Zagora by using the high professional and managerial experience of its members.

Institute of Information And Communication Technologies

The mission of ICT is to conduct fundamental and applied research in the field of computer science, information and communication technologies (ICT) and in the development of innovative interdisciplinary applications of these technologies.

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

which mission is to conduct     fundamental and applied research in the field of computer science, ICT and in the development of innovative interdisciplinary applications of these technologies, has successfully implemented dozens of projects.

Hraninvest-HMC AD

leading Bulgarian manufacturers of food processing machines and equipment such as Machining of precise and conventional parts,Large-sized welded steel structures, tools manifacturing and many more.


the sole purpose of development and strengthen its position as one of the lead manufacturers of hydraulic motors and hydrostatic steering units

Bulgarian Industrial Association

is a non-governmental organization, proved itself as one of the leading partners of the state in defining the economic policy while maintaining its governmental and political impartiality.

Bulgarian Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Association

The BGH2A is a national association which promotes the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Bulgaria and in the region and provides a network for hydrogen and fuel cell research, development and demonstration projects.


The company is a direct importer of tyres for popular brands such as Michelin. The tyres are manufactured by the two concerns – light, freight, industrial, agricultural, etc.


designs Heavy Duty brushless alternators who are innovative power generating system which is best suited for applications demanding high output at low rpm.

Pro Drone Sys

Prodronesys is focused in manifacturing and developing solid UAV systems and applications.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Stara Zagora (CCI) is an EEN member since 1999. CCI’s valuable advantage is its experience in consulting business in access to finance, enterpreneurship and internationalization.