The main challenge the SynGReDiT aims to address is the challenge of the overall change in the long-term established industrial traditions and business interdependencies of the SE Region’s economy towards decarburization and twin green and digital transformation of its leading sectors, parts of the SSS leading priorities – energy producing, manufacturing, agriculture, transport and health as well developing of already existing and attracting new ones on industrial symbiosis based. 

EDIH will: brings under “one roof” and coordinates the services between all participants: users/customers, partners, subcontractors; managing and controlling the associated value streams; focusing on the core service and also group all activities for user-oriented development; delivery the core ecosystem values – derive from the overall focus and efficiency and are measurable and beneficial to all involved; ensure providing of all resources such as premises, building technology, hardware/software infrastructure and services through the solid base of its members and services providers. Users of the EDIH’s services delivering their specific requirements actually will participate in the development of basic services by their demand and feedback.